Exposed Requalification Calendar

Hello Students!

We have been getting many calls here in the office regarding dates of requals.  I can not stress this enough how important it is to keep track of your requal dates.  If you have taken the Initial 16 Firearms course with us then you should know the dates you need to qualify.  It is also listed in the back of the Firearms Manuel.  Remember you should have 4 requals completed within your 2 years of having the Firearms permit (that’s 2 requals each year).  Each requal CAN NOT be any closer than 4 MONTHS APART or the State will NOT accept your renewal.

Please click on the link below for a word document copy of the calendar.  Thank you .

Requal Calander for Students


Students please be advised there is no reloaded ammunition allowed on the Mangan Range.  All Ammunition must be factory grade. This is due to the request of The Mangan Range . Thanks for your understanding!

NEW CHANGE !*Exposed Firearms Permit (18 years and older)*

Attention students,

We have been notified there has been a recent change regarding the age in which students can apply for there Exposed Firearms Permit.  We have spoken with The Bureau of Security And Investigations Services Enforcement Division  to confirm this.  The Bureau tells us this matter will be handled on a day to day basis meaning there can and  possibly may  be change.  For those wanting to apply for a Exposed Firearms Permit under the age of 21 please be aware and advised .

Questions? Call (916) 399-2010.